The true home of Safari, Kenya offers some of Africa’s most exciting wildlife watching experiences, with a vast array of flora and fauna all within one border. So bewitching is Kenya’s outdoor, that it has been associated with royal holidays by the British monarchy. The sweeping savanna, alluring mountain terrain, and enchanting beach scenery hold even seasoned tourists spellbound. With so much to see and enjoy, exploring the Kenya safari scene is a deeply satisfying experience.

Picking where to start off your safari experience is truly a chore. However, it is only appropriate to start off at the Maasai Mara’s spectacular show and the 8th Wonder of the World, the Wildebeest Migration. Each June, as the Maasai Mara turns from brown to lush green, the world’s most spectacular wildlife show takes center stage as over 1 million wildebeest gather into one large herd heading to the Serengeti to calf. With lions, zebra, hyenas and other wildlife in tow, these extra characters make for an exciting script. Follow the migration and experience the primal allure of Mother Nature as you witness firsthand the brutality of river crossings, the joy of calving, and the marvel of the mass movement.

To host you in this beautiful wild plains are luxury and semi-luxurious camps. The thrill of sleeping to chattering monkeys and waking up to musical birds can only be tempered by an early morning breakfast in the wild. There are quite a few choice spots to lodge in, from where you can fully indulge in the wild living of the Mara.

While Maasai Mara is the jewel of Kenya’s safari scene, there are many other equally exciting places to visit. There is the expanse of Amboseli with its choice sightings of Africa’s highest mountain, the Kilimanjaro. The twin Tsavo National Parks offer you the opportunity to spot the “Big Five” on a single day, as well as rhinos and herds of elephants. For the perfect hideaway, go to the beautiful Abadare National Park, a favorite spot of the British monarchy. The serene mountain vegetation, shy wildlife, and some of Kenya’s most elegant tree house accommodation will capture the imagination of any safari lover. Alternatively, enjoy Nairobi National Park’s interesting scenes, where you can spot wildlife roaming wild with skyscrapers as your backdrop: the contrast is confounding. For bird lovers, this park has over 400 bird species to be explored, before heading to the Nakuru National Park for a resplendent show of pink flamingoes and white pelicans.

The safari scene in Kenya is incomplete without interacting with the kings of the bush land: the Maasai and Samburu. The images of a tall Maasai warrior, complete with red ochre hair and adorned with beads is one of the most enduring images of Africa. Enjoy authentic interaction in a real Maasai village, or put up at a Maasai community lodge as you support conservation efforts.

Ensure that you top off your safari experience at the Kenyan coast. Explore the coastal marine parks as well as exclusive beach holidays at some of East Africa’s most luxurious beach lodgings. Treat yourself to ancient Swahili culture foods as you explore colorful coral gardens and mysterious coastal forests in the land of the safari.

Kenya Safari

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