When looking for possible safari destinations, Botswana’s position as one of Africa’s finest is undeniable. The country has about 40% of the country’s total land area protected for wildlife conservation. As such, this country boasts of exciting contrasts, the sweeping desert lands of the Kalahari giving way to the refreshing waters of the Okavango Delta, before delivering you to the unpredictable Savute Channel. For anyone looking for a complete safari destination, Botswana is truly hard to beat.

When looking for the ultimate safari destination in Botswana, the Okavango Delta is usually the first to come to mind. The wide variety of flora and fauna ensure that every minute is occupied with a new and exciting find. The experience of floating down on a mokoro (traditional canoe) for a quiet and intimate experience with nature can be a life highlight. Catch glimpses of kingfishers in the heat of the hunt, their watchful eye scanning the delta’s clear waters for prey. Watch the red lechwe wander through the water, before being fascinated by terrapins auspiciously basking.

In the Okavanga, you can choose between a safari in the public parks, or venture into the private reserves. While the public parks offer spectacular viewing, the private concessions allow you greater flexibility, ensuring a more memorable experience. Most of them are found around the Kwando river area and the Linyati river areas, as well as the popular Chobe river front. These private reserves allow for trekking safaris, night drives, as well as off-road safaris adding pique to the overall journey. What’s more, they are more private in nature, guaranteeing a more intimate safari. For even more privacy, head further south to the Savuti area: lush, wild, and private.

The Savuti and Linyati areas are great for wildlife viewing, and are home to the annual zebra migration. This migratory show is best viewed on a “trail-like” tour, following the migrating herd as you witness nature at work. Here, witness brutal attacks by predators as natural selection takes place before your eyes. Alternatively, you can head to the Chobe National Park, home to the largest elephant crowd, as well as the endangered African wild dog, buffalos, hyenas, and lions. Nature is easier to spot around here during the long, dry season when these life giving rivers become wildlife gathering grounds.

A safari to Botswana is incomplete without venturing into the dry Kalahari Desert. The Central Kalahari Game Reserve offers you a glimpse into this deserts wild scenes, ushering you into the intensity of its rich bareness. It’s vast 52,800 km2 make it the world’s second largest game reserve in the world, and is home to wild dogs, lions, eland, wildebeest, giraffe, as well as many fascinating smaller wildlife. Fossilized rivers, large saltpans, sweeping savanna, and the iconic acacia are synonymous with this region. The San inhabitants with their ancient hardy ways also make for an interesting visit.

If you are looking for a romantic getaway, then Botswana safaris will seduce you with their scenery. For the luxury tourists, the tented camps and luxury lodges will surely impress. While family holidays are a bit more difficult to plan with young children here, they are not impossible to pull off.

Botswana Safari

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