Win an Incredible Luxury Safari Trip to Botswana!

A Safari trip really is a holiday of a lifetime and Botswana is one of the most exclusive places to go on safari. One of the most safe and stable countries in Africa and sill remaining largely unspoilt from tourism, Botswana never fails to captivate its visitors.

There is plenty to see in Botswana with opportunities to see all of the ‘Big Five’ as well as the endangered African wild dog. Botswana is also home to the largest elephant herd in the world and its dry season it sees one of the biggest wildlife movements in the world, with the Okavango Delta drawing in millions of animals. Thanks to prize company Element we have a fantastic luxury safari trip to Botswana to give away.

On this luxury safari trip you will typically start your day with an early morning game drive spotting the wildlife as the sun rises before hopping out of the jeep for a champagne breakfast with a view. Once back at the lodge you can have lazy afternoons in your luxury accommodation relaxing by a pool, soaking up your surroundings and forgetting all of the stresses from home. As night time falls, evening game drives enable you to see even more wildlife before tucking in to some top class food and drink back at the lodge. Throughout your stay the expert rangers will be able to fill you in on the natural environment and animals that you see which will further enrich your experience. Attentive staff at the lodge will tend to your every need making you want for nothing throughout your trip.

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Safari in Botswana

5 Great Destinations to Go on a Safari

It is hard to imagine that a few centuries ago, safari meant torture, torment and a battle hardened outdoor experience. Today Safari is something to look forward to as it offers a break from the norm. The luxury associated with today’s safaris make this a tempting tourist activity. You may want to torture yourself with luxury as you visit any of the following destinations:

South Africa

Just as its name, this is one of the easiest countries to locate on a map and it aligns itself with among the best wild Safaris in Africa. The Kruger National Park is the nation’s pride due to its vastness and unique vegetation such as the Marula trees, baobabs, knob thorns and Mopane trees. However, its prize jewel is the both the Big Five and the Small Five, all there for your viewing.

In this unbeatable Safari you can choose to drive yourself through this incredible wildness or make use of the experienced tour operators to get the best out of your travel.

south africa safari


In the East of Africa lies one of the most serene destinations in Africa, an autonomous part of Tanzania. If you are looking for the ultimate Indian Ocean experience, alone or accompanied by friends and family this is an unforgettable getaway.

It is characterized by beautiful sandy beaches, fringing coral reefs and several islets. Its magic Stone Town built in the 19th century is still the only town in East Africa that is fully occupied and functioning normally. Little fishing villages unchanged over the years, traditional craftsmen at Nungwi and the popular Changu prison on one of the offshore islands are some of the interesting events to enjoy apart from taking part in the marine games or just relax on one of the brilliant white sandy beaches.


A safari is not complete in Africa without a ride on a camel across the glimmering golden sandy dunes of the desert. Experience the incredible adventures of being in the middle of nowhere as you take in the rich and vibrant culture of the Moroccans. If accompanied by family and especially kids, you can ride on the camels along the Agadir beach. Desert trips can be harsh, but very rewarding.

The art and the detailed décor of the ancient combined with the modern art is also something to be keen about on this exotic country; this is especially typical of the Marrakech city. Though not along the golden beaches this city is popular for its pungent spicy souks and the famous Jemael Fna square; home to literal fire eaters and street sellers. You can enjoy your evenings being enchanted by the magic of the shimmying belly dancers that gyrate past you in a flurry of color and clattering of ornaments. Surely one visit to this mesmerizing country is just never enough.

morocco safari


The Serengeti National park in Tanzania is also a delightful Safari destinations, its location is also convenient in that you are only half-day by car from the Ngorongoro crater. Another fine Safari destination and also relatively near Mt Kilimanjaro which you can climb or even visit the Olduvai Gorge, the prehistoric site and get to learn more about our ancestors. With thrilling breakfasts in the wild, balloon rides across the Great Rift Valley, you will not want to come back home.

Tanzania is also popular for the world’s most friendly and polite people, so your safari will not only be exciting but also very hospitable.


The Masai Mara National Park in Kenya offers among the world’s greatest Safari destination. Located in the heart of East Africa, it is well known for the annual migration that includes over a million wildebeests and hundreds of thousands of Zebras crossing over the Mara River, an experience so breathtaking, that it is also one of the World Wonders.

The concentration of animals in this park is what makes it an outstanding attraction.  This is one of the few parks in the world where you are assured of seeing the big five and other animals as well and take some of the best photographs at such a close range. For an even more thrilling encounter, live in the wild in some of the finest tented camps luxury has to offer. Falling asleep to jungle sounds in your high thread count sheets is more than a dream come true.

kenya safari